Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day Nine: Tour of the Mekong Delta

27 February 2010

Tour of the Mekong Delta
We had an enjoyable day traveling to the upper branch of the Mekong in the Mekong Delta region. Once we arrived at the tourist center, we took a boat ride on the Mekong to a coconut candy factory on one of the islands in the area. We were shown how the candy was made, given some samples, and given the opportunity to purchase some candy. While we were at the candy shop, John gave us the opportunity to sample snake wine, which several of us did.

Boats at the Tourist Center

Hoa our guide for the Mekong Tour

The next part of our tour was a ride in a donkey pulled wagon though town. We then went on a gondola ride back to the larger boat. The next stop on the tour was to stop on an island which is popular for growing fruits. There we sampled several fruits and listened to some traditional Vietnamese music. The songs were about love, life, and grapefruit in the region. After enjoying the locally grown fruits and music, we once again boarded the larger boat and traveled back to the tourist center and took the bus to the Mekong Restaurant. The food at the Mekong restaurant was very good as were the views of the gardens around the restaurant.

Saowanee and Gity enjoying the gondola ride

Three ladies singing a traditional Vietnamese song

Lunch at the Mekong Restaurant

Gardens at the Mekong Restaurant

One of the foods that I had not seen before was large puffed rice balls. These were nearly a foot in diameter. We had no idea what we were to do with these so Murray asked the waitress if we were to rip them open and she told Murray yes but stopped Murray as he attempted to do just that. It was rather amusing but any of us would have done the same. The shocked waitress quickly obtained a pair of scissors and started cutting up the rice balls.

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