Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day Three: The Hong Kong Jockey Club

21 February 2010

Today we were able to exchanged some of our US Dollars into Hong Kong Dollars. Some of the groups were able to get a good exchange rate by dealing with one of the smaller exchange shops and having a larger group of people which gave them a beter position for getting a better rate. The best rate was $6.60 HK/$1 US.

We went to Simpson Sin Tailor, Ltd. shop and some people had ordered suits to be made for them. Here are a few pictures from the shop.

Aaron tries to get a good deal.

Brendan finds out the damages.

The group with the shop staff.

Today we spent the day at the horse races. We had a great deal of fun comparing one another's stategy for picking horses and placing bets. It was even more fun as the minimum bet is $10 HK which is $1.52 US so it felt like you were betting more that you really were. I do not like to gamble too much so the price was right for me. BTW I was very luck today. Since I did not know what I was doing on picking horses, I just picked horses by their name. I decided early on to pick names which were from Monty Python movies or skits or sounded like they could. All in all my strategy allowed me to take away $257 HK from the track which is $38.94 US. Not a bad day at all.

Later in the evening some of us went down to view the light show at the harbor. It was a short walk from the hotel. The path that we took from the hotel was the "Avenue of the Stars." Among the many stars along the walk we recognized Bruce Lee and Jackie Chang.

Aarron and Bruce Lee

Jackie Chang's star on the walk

Here is a video I posted on YouTube of the Hong Kong Harbor Light Show

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